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  • A complete First Aid box.

  • Certified CPR and First Aid daycare takers.

  • Daily cleaning and weekly sanitizing & disinfecting practices within the daycare.

  • Proper diapering and toileting.

  • Hand washing of Staff and children.

  • Proper handling on food safety.

  • We do not provide meals to avoid food contamination and foodborne illnesses.

  • Sick children are not encouraged to come to the daycare to avoid further infection towards other children.

  • Those on current prescription will be given medication only after filling in and signing our ‘Medication Slip’.

  • CCTV surveillance throughout the premises.

  • Fire extinguisher.

  • Fire Exit and Assembly Area.

The duty of keeping the children safe and healthy is one of the most important tasks of being a child care provider.

Here are some of our actions and tips to ensure that the children are kept healthy and safe whilst in the daycare:

The HUB-B-BEEZ DAYCARE has major concerns over the health and safety of their child care setting both inside and outside.

Health & Safety

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